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Providing Accurate Tax Preparation and Tax Saving Strategies

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Crystal's Tax Service is a minority-owned business that is on a mission to provide working-class citizens with accurate tax preparation and tax saving strategies.

Our goal is to ethically help you get the largest refund possible from the IRS. We pride ourselves on doing your tax returns the right way the first time. We believe that our customers deserve to get their tax returns completed in a short turnaround time. Our client intake process is designed to help us extend this guarantee to you, the customer. We offer a seamless virtual experience so we can serve clients on-demand around the country.

We are authorized as an IRS e-file provider. You can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information will be securely submitted to the IRS and local state officials when you entrust us to help you with your tax needs. Excellent customer service is our top priority. Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Chicagoland area.


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About The CEO

Crystal Lott-Adams is a serial entrepreneur, tax professional, engineer, licensed federal financial broker, authorized IRS e-file provider, and CEO of Crystal's Tax Service, which she launched in 2017. When Crystal is not preparing taxes, she enjoys helping aspiring entrepreneurs legitimize their start-ups and helping them brainstorm ways to fuel their dreams.

She advocates empowering families to protect their most precious assets, which is their legacies.

As a wife and mother of three sons, she understands the importance of planning for the future, living in the moment, self-care, and crafting memorable experiences with her family.

Crystal believes that balance is key to living a healthy, happy life. She infuses herself in working out, deep jam sessions listening to old school R&B, and spending time with friends and people who will empower her to become a greater asset to her community.


Crystal's Tax Service Suite of Product and Services

Standard Tax Preparation
Starts at $300

State Tax Preparation
Starts at $50

Business Formation
Starts at $150

Business Reconciliation
Starts at $150


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